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Camp selfie kit

  • CAMP Self-ie KIT featured on LIVE 10 FOR 2 popular informational guide to sleep away camp that helps folks get the most out of their camp experience. June 2017



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  • AT Kits is proud to support local marching band - “I refer to mandalas as 'selfies' because they always reflect an authentic ‘you’ in the very moment of creation...."  Sept 2016 Read full article

ADULT Reviews


  • "Perfect way to start my day - I purchased this art kit for myself and my sisters. We started the project on a Monday morning and would share our work and discuss the experience all week. It was a great bonding experience. I looked forward to grabbing that brush every morning"  - Adult  

  • "So much fun!  Have to fight my kids off! Nice to take a little time to reconnect with my inner child : )"  - Sheva, Mom of 4

  • "MEDITATION - Painting the daily mandala became like mediation -- I just let it happen and loved how it felt"  Adult (on vacation)

  • "ME TIME:  As the mom of a toddler, it was really refreshing to take a few minutes today and create my mandala. It gave me a chance to calm my mind, focus on something a little different and reconnect with creativity. Highly recommended!" - Ana, Mom of 2

  • " LOVE IT!! This kit is amazing! I love how beautiful and simple it is. It's gotten me out of my head a bit and reminded me to really connect with myself and my baby during this 3rd pregnancy. It will be such a neat memento to look back on and show this baby when it grows up. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Great gift idea!!" - Melissa, pregnant Mom

  • "BEST GIFT! I have used this kit and loved the time it provided me to sit and flow with the art materials, so I got one for an unsuspecting friend and -- not surprisingly-- she loved it! She said she really looks forward to going out on her porch every day to paint a mandala. Nice kit, clear directives, unique and personal gift, highly recommend." -  Dianna Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Kids are saying.....


  • "THUMBS UP! I like making Mandalas because it helps me understand what Art is" - Spencer, age 7

  • "AMAZING!  Art is a great way to express yourself and it's amazing what can happen inside a circle!"  Teen

  • "VERY COOL - I personally think that this product is very cool. I like that you can express your feelings in a circle however you want. I also think this product is good for relaxation. I highly recommend this product."James, age 12

  • " I LOVE it!  Mine is so cool, u can just have fun with it and u don't follow instructions and just do it -  it is super cool. I am on my first day of the challenge! "  Jordy, age 11

  • "FUN FOR CAMP - I liked using my Kit at camp at night - I even let my friends paint with me.....and then we hung up the mandalas behind my bed."  Ben, age 8