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Ricky Bella ~ Art Therapist / Product Developer/ Mompreneur

How it all began.......

After earning a Master's degree in Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts in NYC over a decade ago and working with various populations, settings & age groups - I became passionate about encouraging everybody to explore creating art in a more beneficial way.

My personal experience yearning for ....& sometimes even leaning on the creative process over the years - for both myself & my own children, reinforced & eventually cemented my drive. I created CYS Kits because I want EVERYONE to have access to affordable, non-intimidating & complete,  meaningful art experiences that can be used privately to inspire & awaken creativity.

My promise to you is that each & every CYS Kit has a meaningful, thought out directive always designed by a trained Art Therapist with one goal in help you CREATE YOUR SELF.

My Day to day:

Growing up in a small beach town I spent a lot of alone time being creative  ….& truth be told, I still do. These days I enjoy experimenting with art supplies & meaningful directives so I can continue to develop & expand the CREATE YOUR SELF line of art experiences for all. Aside from that, I love to swim & play basketball, never had a cavity in my life & when I was young everyone called me 'Ricky Bella Bell from Belle Harbor' - even though my real name is Erica : )   Now I pretty much go by Rik, Ricky, The Rikster & Mom.

I currently live in New Jersey with my husband & 3 active boys. We all enjoy painting 'SELFIES', vacationing, playing basketball, spending time laughing with family & friends & exploring new terrain while hiking with our exceptionally smart & mischievous Chocolate Lab Rae....aka: Rae Ray, Cray Rae, Crayola & sometimes Rosea girl : )

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