CYS Kits = meaningful art experiences



  • CREATE YOUR SELF Kits offer thoughtfully designed unique meaningful art experiences that Adults Teens Kids can enjoy & benefit from!  
  • The high quality supplies & professional design expertise differentiate the CREATE YOUR SELF line of products. 
  • Whether you are hoping to further develop a child's creative problem solving skills, looking for a healthy expressive outlet for a teenager or maybe you're just intrigued by a new way to relax & unwind your mind on vacation - CREATE YOUR SELF has an art experience for you! 


The 'secret sauce'....

  •  What sets CYS apart....or the 'secret sauce' is that CYS Kits are always designed by an Art Therapist who brings a deeper understanding of the art making experience in general,  the significance of each supply chosen & the importance of the directive. 
  • We pride ourselves on our thoughtful packaging for easy storage/clean up & mess-free supplies that can be used on-the-go. 
  • Even though CYS KITs always focus on the art making experience itself, & not the the actual art - the ART ultimately becomes very significant BECAUSE of the meaningful process ~ pretty cool...huh?


What is an Art Therapist 

It is said that 'Art is the desire of man to communicate' - 

If that's true, Art Therapy is the most powerful tool 

to help facilitate that communication.

  • Trained in visual arts, counseling & psychotherapy, Art Therapists utilizes the creative process to help individuals of all ages express themselves non verbally through the creation of Art. They combine traditional therapeutic techniques with an understanding of the psychological aspects of the creative process & the affective properties of different art materials to implement Art Therapy directives.

    *  CYS Kits offers an opportunity to explore art experiences in a more meaningful way. They are not meant to be a substitute for therapy. If you feel you would benefit from Art Therapy I encourage you to work with an Art Therapist in your area to continue your work.   Click here to begin your search!